5 Easy Steps to Wear a Hair Ribbon Bow

5 Easy Steps to Wear a Hair Ribbon Bow

Have you ever wondered how a hair bow can look simply perfect and keeps it shape during a long day of showing? How are the intricately tied bows that pony riders wear to every show produced? The answer is simple: PonyTail Bows!

At PonyTail Bows, we are proud to offer a wide range of hair ribbons and beautifully constructed bows that will help your pony rider complete their show winning look.

5 Tips for how to wear a Great Hair Bow

From the Classic Bow with a tail to the Shorty bows, PonyTail Bows will help you create the perfect look for winning the tri-color champion ribbon. That’s because we believe that every pony rider deserves to Dress Up, Play Hard, and Stand Out.

Here are five tips to successfully create the right show ring look:

  1. Make sure you wet the hair a bit before braiding to ensure a smooth tight braid. Braid length can be adjusted so the rider can choose whatever bow they like best. Check out our YouTube videos to find out how!
  2. Hair bows should complement the rider’s entire outfit. Look for similar colors in your shirt or jacket that you can match to your bow.
  3. Use hairspray on braids to keep wisps of hair from flying free.
  4. Put on your helmet before beginning to braid, this will keep your rider headache free! Braiding under the helmet eliminates any pressure from building up.
  1. Braids and hair bows should never cover any portion of the rider’s number.

At PonyTail Bows, we provide the winning touch for every outfit. We have a variety of bows for all your needs—everything from our classic tail bows, bows supporting breast cancer or classic holiday-themed bows.

To learn more about creating the perfect look for your pony rider, visit the PonyTail Bows Shop or find a PonyTail Bows store near you!


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