The Olympics and the Equestrian Sport

The Olympics and the Equestrian Sport

The equestrian sport is graceful and beautiful to watch. Equestrian riders have a deep appreciation of horses and are the picture of skill and style. But did you know that in the Olympic games, the horse is considered just as much an athlete as the rider? In fact, this is the only Olympic event that includes an animal.

The Olympic Debut

Equestrianism made its first debut at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. But it was off the grid for 11 years before reappearing in the 1912 Summer Olympic Games, where it has remained part of the competitive tradition ever since.

However, it was only in 1956 that women were allowed to participate in the equestrian sport. Prior to that, it was only open to commissioned military officers. Equestrianism is now one of the only Olympic competitions where women and men compete against each other.

Equestrian Competition

The equestrian sport is governed by the International Federation for Equestrian Sports. Currently, there are three Olympic equestrian disciplines:

Dressage: This is a highly skilled form of riding that highlights the progressive training of the horse and its natural athletic ability. The horse must perform the requests of the rider in the areas of impulsion (the movement of a horse when going forward with controlled power), collection (when the horse draws its body together becoming like a giant spring), and obedience. Judges then evaluate each movement from a scale of zero to 10, with 10 being the highest score.

Show Jumping: This is a timed event during which the horse and rider jump a series of obstacles in a specific order with the goal being the least amount of refusals or knockdowns during the course.

Eventing: This is referred to by a variety of terms including, combined training, horse trials, the Military, complete test, or the three-day event. It combines the obedience of dressage with the skill of show jumping and cross-country jumping.

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