Braiding Guidelines and Hair Ribbons

Braiding Guidelines and Hair Ribbons

Braiding Guidelines and Hair Ribbons

With the 2017 Wellington and Ocala circuits beginning, parents all over the country are preparing and putting together the show outfits for their pony rider. Picking out the right bows and how their daughters hair should be worn is always a big question! One bow, two bows or no bows!

The preferred traditional style of two pigtail braids is often the ideal choice for riders in any of the pony divisions. But some of the sport’s youngest riders, such as those enjoying the lead line competition classes, can only do one small bow made of a beautiful hair ribbon. Remember, aim to complement and not overwhelm is the key to wearing a bow!

Determining what style is right for your pony rider will require you to have a chat with your trainer. Often, trainers have preferred braiding styles for each pony division, the age of the rider, and the type of class that has been entered. For example, trainers might have their pony riders wear their hair in one braid during the pony jumper division or they might even have the child put their hair up into their helmet. When the child enters into the pony hunter ring, the trainer might decide that two braids with the appropriate hair ribbon creates the ideal look for the class.

Braiding Guidelines

Anyone that has taken a trip to the pony ring can attest to the beautiful turnout of both the ponies and young riders.

Here are some helpful braiding guidelines we recommend:

  1. Braids should never be too long. If the hair reaches the middle of the rider’s back, you know the bows will cover the number on their outfit. How can you avoid this? Check out our YouTube channel!
  2. Riders tend to look best in short braids with a three-inch tail.
  3. Young riders with only a little bit of hair should try a single braid and bow.
  4. The shortie bow looks great on riders with either one braid or two.
  5. Spritz the hair with water before beginning the braid to capture all the loose hairs. Check out our YouTube Channel to give you some awesome tips that have never been shared in the industry!

No matter whether your child wears one braid or two, it is important to maintain a classic look that their chosen hair ribbon complements their riding jacket and shirt. However, the hair bow is also a fun way to express a rider’s individual personality. Highlighting their favorite color or patterns is a fun way to add a personal touch to their style! Hair ribbons can even complement their pony’s coloring and markings.

To learn more about outfitting your rider in the latest hair bow fashions, visit the PonyTail Bows Shop.


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