Building Memories with PonyTail Bows

Building Memories with PonyTail Bows

Let's face it. Kids grow up too fast. One minute you're trying to run your 'prettiest' beside your daughter in a lead line class, catching your breath, swearing to work out more and dodging pony bites. The next, you're left holding the horse after a beautiful Children's Hunter round while your daughter goes off with her friends while she waits for the flat class.

It goes by fast.

One thing I've learned from my kids is they love remembering the things that we have done together as much as I do. Looking through old photos, telling stories and looking at art masterpieces from day care are just a few of the things we love to get lost in.

My latest memory project?

Shadowboxing my daughter's Ponytail Bows...

First of all, it was so simple. I'm a crazy busy mom and when I finally remembered to stop in at Michaels to get 2 shadowboxes, waiting in the line up took longer that the art project.

I bought 2 6inchX6inch frames, just enough room for one bow, so my daughter and I could each have one.

The shadow boxes came with the fabric background and 4 pins.

Shadow Box for Equestrian Decor with PonyTail Bows

I centered the bow on the backing, and started pinning!

Putting my blue and red ponytail bows in a shadow bow with pins for Equestrian Sport Life

I thought the bow looked really nice with the tails spread out a bit, so I used the pins to hold the bottom ribbon and the top ones simply stayed in place. It actually worked out beautifully as they separated and added depth.

Madeline's shadowbox is hanging in her room, and I have mine in my bathroom.

The project took less than 10 minutes and I just know we'll be talking about how much she loved her Ponytail Bows years from now. These bows will spark memories of the ponies she rode, her success stories, her funny fall off stories and so much more.

PonyTail Bows, horse show bows in a shadow box, equestrian decor with Equestrian Sport Life Blog

Have a little one starting out? These bows are so beautiful, you'll shadowbox them, just like I did. 


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